What Are Mala Beads?

What are Mala Beads?

The word Mala in Sanskrit is 'Garland' a string of knotted or hand strung beads used for meditation where which they are used to help count & recite sacred mantras. They are sometimes called japa beads, yoga beads, prayer beads or rosaries beads. Mala beads have been used traditionally for thousands of years in many religious practices during prayer & meditation, however you do not need to be religious to benefit from the use of Mala beads. In this age they are still used for meditation & in mantra/affirmation work however not everyone who owns a set of Mala beads use them in meditation, many are simply drawn to wear them purely for their healing & protective energies. Depending on the gemstones & materials used to make up the Mala will determine the healing energies. Working with Mala beads can help you achieve important goals & states of being, they are spiritual tools to help focus & direct you on your path. 

Why 108?

There are many meanings to this special sacred number 108. Most Mala beads are made up with 108 counting beads, however many other sacred numbers are known to used such as 216, 54, 27, 22, 21........ Here are a few well known meanings to 108 *1 =oneness 0 =nothingness 8 =infinite when combined, will unify all of existence. *it is said there are 108 energy pathways linking to the heart chakra which governs unconditional LOVE to all. *some believe that there are 108 stages of the soul until it reaches enlightenment. *in Indian culture it is believed that there are 108 goddess names. 

What is a Guru bead?

The guru bead (sometimes called the Buddha or Meru bead) is normally a larger bead than the 108 counting beads. This bead is said to represent the guru & student relationship or the guru within. This bead is treated with respect. Some use this bead to infuse their intentions during meditation to intensify their wishes & goals. The guru bead is the start & finish point when in use during mantra/affirmation work. 

What is the Tassel? 

The tassel is made up of many threads linking up the counting beads & guru bead bringing things together. There are many meanings to the tassel, here are a few which we resonate with *the tassel is our connection to all that is, the divine. *a link to connect us to our guru bead, counting beads, our mantras & intentions. *the tassel represents enlightenment & oneness.