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How To Use Mala Jewellery

How To Use Mala Jewellery 

While Mala beads can simply be worn for their beauty & for their healing & protection energies, using your beads regularly for mantra or intention setting work can be very powerful. 

There are many ways to use Mala beads, the following are just a few popular methods.

❁Mantra & Affirmation Work, decide what mantra or affirmation you want to work with. Find time & space where you can be alone & be undisturbed. Sit comfortably & gently hold your Mala beads in your right hand. Take 3 deep steady breaths in & out then focus your mind on your mantra or affirmation, then recite it (out loud or in your mind) while you slide each counting bead between your thumb & middle finger, extend your index finger out away from your beads as the index finger represents the ego, & we will need to put aside the ego (index finger) during this sacred practice. Starting at the first counting bead next to the Guru bead, hold the beads so that when you slide the beads during your recites they will be pulled towards you, towards your heart area. When you arrive at the end of the 108 counting beads next to the guru bead, stop your session & give thanks or if you want carry on for another set of 108 by simply turning your beads around & recite in reverse order (never cross over the the Guru bead as this is said to be disrespectful) 

Breath Work, instead of using a mantra or affirmation take a deep slow steady breath for each bead you slide between your thumb & middle finger. This will bring peace & calm within you. This method is perfect at times of stress & for when you feel you need to centre yourself.

❁Yoga Practice, place your Mala beads at the top of your yoga mat & use them as a drishti, your focus point during your yoga poses. Depending on the crystals & materials used will determine on the energies you can work with during your yoga practice. 

❁Wear your beads draped around your neck or wrapped around your wrist throughout your day so they can act as a reminder of your intentions.

❁When your beads are not in use they can be draped on your bed at night or place on a sacred altar space. 

❁Your Mala beads can also be placed in a crystal grid or web of light to amplify the energies of your intentions.

Mala beads can be worn during difficult times to bring in positive & healing energies.